FAQ for Lilly Bird

If you have any other questions that aren’t listed here, reach out to us on Instagram, Facebook or click the little blue button on the bottom right of the screen and I'll help you out!


1. What is your shipping period for orders?
I typically ship out orders in 2-3 business days. I am currently enrolled in college, so my life can get overwhelming sometimes and things may be delayed. If any delays occur, I will notify the customer. 

2. Where do you get your products from?
I purchase most of my products from wholesale vendors across the country. I design some of the stickers you see on my site, but others I purchase third-party.

3. Can your stickers be put on my water bottle?
All of my stickers are waterproof and weatherproof. This means you can stick them on a water bottle and not have any ink bleeding or loosened edges. You can also stick these on your car and have no problem with rain, snow and sleet. They are equipped to handle any weather! 

4. What made you start this business?
I have always dreamed of being my own boss and not relying on a bi-weekly salary for income. I've wanted to start my own business for a couple years now, but the timing was never right. When is the timing ever right, though? So during quarantine I decided it was now or never and I just started. I love what I do and I can't wait to make it a full time "job" that makes me happy and free.

5. What is the return policy?
At the bottom of this page, within the Footer Menu, you can find the Return Policy as well as the Privacy Policy to answer any questions you might have?

6. Do you sell my personal information/data?
Absolutely not. No questions asked.